When designing our range of commercial fire curtains, we spared no expense in designing safe, reliable, yet unobtrusive solutions for every conceivable commercial application. So whether you run a shop, a supermarket, a hotel, a leisure centre, or an office complex, we’ll be able to tailor a solution to suit your specific requirements.

What Do Commercial Fire Curtains Do?

Commercial fire curtains essentially work to prevent the spread of heat and smoke, limiting damage and allowing for safe evacuation of your commercial premises. When not in use, they’re tucked away to the extent that few, if anyone, will even notice they’re there. But in the event of a fire, they quickly and efficiently isolate the affected area, reducing the chances of small fires escalating into full scale disasters.

Some commercial fire curtains can be used as an alternative to sprinkler systems, fire shutters, and fire doors, whereas others are designed to be used in conjunction with smoke extractors and other firefighting equipment.

Commercial Fire Curtains in Our Range

FireSafe PlusThe FireSafe Plus system provides the highest possible levels of fire and smoke protection, and is designed to protect areas up to 30 metres wide. Fully compliant with PAS 121:2007 safety regulations, FireSafe Plus provides 120 minutes of integrity and insulation, which is more than double the industry standard. Click here to learn more.

FireSafe 240The FireSafe 240 is designed for use in buildings that experience large footfall that would take longer to evacuate. It provides extended fire protection for expanses up to 30 metres wide, and is perfect for atriums, lift shafts, lobbies, stairwells, offices, and other high rise buildings. Click here to learn more.

SmokeSafeA smoke curtain with no side guides, this is the most discrete curtain in our range, and is designed to isolate smoke to improve the effectiveness of smoke extractors. It’s ideally suited for airports, shopping centres, and other open plan commercial properties. Click here to learn more.

Corner UnitsA smart and aesthetically pleasing solution for areas with irregular or complex layouts, our corner units can be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling to ensure a smooth, flush finish. In this way, you can protect key areas while keeping spaces open plan. Click here to learn more.

Solar Powered Fire CurtainsThis environmentally friendly solution requires no mains power, and is therefore ideal for open-plan areas and locations that experience intermittent power. Fully reliable, they feature battery back-up in the unlikely event that the solar power should fail. Click here to learn more.

For more information about our range of commercial fire curtains, contact us on +44 (0)330 0539660. Alternatively, click here to request a quote.