At Fire Curtains Ltd, we specialise in designing and installing complete building fire protection systems. With our flexible range of solutions, we can give any building the integrity and resilience it needs to withstand even the worst of fires. Whether it’s a commercial or a domestic property; a hotel, a school, an office, or even a construction site, we can tailor a building fire protection solution to suit your specific needs.

How Does Building Fire Protection Work?

Our approach to building fire protection can be broken down into two broad areas:

  1. In the event of a fire, isolate the affected area to prevent the spread of smoke and heat and to reduce the risks of the fire escalating.
  2. Provide a fast, effective, and reliable means for evacuation.

When the fire is contained, and when the building has been evacuated, emergency services will then be able to do their job with swift efficiency. When they can rest assured that the integrity of the building and the safety of its occupants is in hand, firefighters are able to focus all of their efforts on the task at hand.

A Complete Range of Building Fire Protection Products

Our range of fire curtains are supremely effective at containing fires and preventing the spread of smoke and heat. We have solutions to suit every conceivable application, including:

Having contained the fire, the next crucial step in building fire protection is to ensure the safe evacuation of its occupants. Many of our fire curtains are themselves designed to provide a means of escape. The FireSafe Plus, for example, provides minimal heat transfer to the non-fire side to allow a safe passage of escape.

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