Fire safety in schools is a demanding issue that requires a significant investment of time and resources, but failure to prepare may result in the sort of costs that simply do not bear thinking about.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) 2005 states that the individual responsible for the school premises must ensure that a full fire safety risk assessment is completed for all onsite buildings, and that all assessments must be kept under review.

These government regulations recognise that all buildings are different. As every building is likely to have its own unique set of associated fire risks, it simply isn’t possible to outline a model fire safety procedure that’s applicable for use in all school premises.

But that said, it is possible to outline certain factors that will be crucial to any school fire safety plan.

By far the most important is ensuring that everyone in the school, from the pupils to the teachers, is fully aware of any evacuation procedures the school has in place. Indeed, the RRFSO regulations specifically outline that the headmaster and governing body of any school premises is responsible for ensuring that evacuation drills are routinely carried out.

Beyond this, ensuring fire safety in schools involves taking action to reduce the risks of fires breaking out in the first place while investing in systems which, in the event of a fire, will serve to minimise damage through preventing the spread of smoke and heat.

Fire Safety in Schools – A Solution You Can Trust

At Fire Curtains Ltd, we can design and implement a complete fire protection system for any building of any size and any layout.

Though there are many products in our extensive range, the FireSafe 240 system is particularly effective at delivering fire safety in schools. Unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to install, this fire curtain is designed for use in buildings that experience a larger footfall and that will take longer to evacuate.

Ideally suited for protecting areas up to 30 metres wide, the FireSafe 240 makes a great alternative to a fire door, fire shutter, and sprinkler system.

Equally suited for use in schools is our SmokeSafe system. The most discreet automatic curtain available, this smoke curtain is perfect for school canteens and science labs, where it can be used to boost the effectiveness of smoke extraction systems.

Having effectively contained the affected area, our advanced fire curtains make it possible for the remainder of the school premises to be safely and efficiently evacuated.

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