When it comes to hotel fire safety, there’s a number of unique issues to take into consideration. The most pressing is that there’s no way of guaranteeing that all of the building’s occupants will know how to act in an event of a fire. While it’s possible to train hotel staff on fire evacuation procedures, your guests, some of whom may have travelled from the other side of the world, might not be so resilient.

Another issue that’s more prevalent in hotels than other buildings is that fires are liable to break out at any time, and at any place. Whereas it’s possible to identify possible fire risks in buildings such as offices, factories, and schools, anything can happen in a hotel room. No smoking signs could be ignored, hair straighteners could be left plugged in, and irons may be left unattended.

With all this in mind, a good hotel fire safety strategy will focus on two major areas:

  1. Training all hotel staff so that they’re effectively equipped to not just take care of themselves in a fire, but also to offer guidance to less resilient guests.
  2. Investing in a comprehensive hotel fire safety system that’s equipped to react swiftly and efficiently, no matter where the fire breaks out.

Hotel Fire Safety Systems from Fire Curtains Ltd

At Fire Curtains Ltd, we can design and implement a complete fire protection system for any building of any size and any layout, and hotels are no exception.

The FireSafe 240 system is particularly suited for use in hotels. Unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to install, this fire curtain is designed for use in buildings that experience a larger footfall and that will take longer to evacuate.

Fire curtains and smoke curtains serve to contain fires and stem the spread of smoke and heat. Through preventing fires from getting any worse, they ensure that small scale incidents do not become large scale disasters.

Through isolating affected areas, our fire curtains enable your staff and guests to safely and effectively evacuate your hotel premises. To that end, we also offer a system that’s designed to make the evacuation process as swift and easy as possible.

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