As with many buildings, office fire safety is a complex issue that demands a certain level of resilience from staff and management alike.

Broadly speaking, a good office fire safety strategy will involve:

  1. Carrying out routine fire safety inspections.
  2. Ensuring that all members of staff are trained in safe evacuation procedures with regular fire drills.
  3. Stocking the office with equipment to tackle small scale fires at the source, such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
  4. Equipping the office with fire safety systems to ensure that, should any fires break out, they can be contained before they’re allowed to escalate.

Fire curtains and smoke curtains serve to contain fires and stem the spread of smoke and heat. Through preventing fires from getting any worse, they ensure that small scale incidents do not become large scale disasters.

In office environments, fire curtains can be used as alternatives to fire doors and sprinkler systems. They can contain areas where fires are likely to break out, such as canteens and supply rooms, while protecting areas that are critical for evacuation, such as stairwells and lobbies.

Office Fire Safety – A Solution You Can Trust

At Fire Curtains Ltd, we can design and implement a complete fire protection system for any building of any size and any layout, and offices are no exception.

The FireSafe 240 system is particularly suited for use in office environments. Unobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to install, this fire curtain is designed for use in buildings that experience a larger footfall and that will take longer to evacuate.

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