abu-dhabi-international-airport-plansA smarter and faster check-in at Abu Dhabi’s International Airport

Checking in at Terminal 1

Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) is one of the fastest growing airports in the world. To accommodate its increasing volume of passengers, in 2005 the airport embarked on an ambitious program that will increase capacity to 27 million annual passengers by 2017 and up to 40 million by 2030.

The expansion program was structured to quickly deliver improvements that meet immediate needs while preparing for anticipated growth.

This prompt growth required imaginative and flexible solutions from companies working in partnership with the Airport Authorities and design engineers.

In 2012 it was certified as the first four-star airport in the Middle East and named the ‘Best Airport in the Middle East.’

abu-dhabi-international-airport-insideSmoke Curtains clear for take off

When the time came to choosing the supplier for Abu Dhabi’s Smoke Protection, they called in the experts to help.  Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd, were pleased to have been offered the chance to work with one of Abu Dhabi’s expert Main Contractors, Al Habto or Engineering-Murray & Roberts JV (HMR), for the design, specification, delivery and installation of the compliant solution.

Our installations teams were hands on, on site in the dry overwhelming heat helping get the active smoke barriers up in position.

A great engineering team to work for, Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd were proud to be a part of this stunning development.