Allthough we specialise in Fire Curtains, we also stock a complete range of fire safety equipment, with advanced solutions to suit the specific requirements of any business or home.

Broadly speaking, our fire safety equipment is designed to achieve two things. First, to contain the fire, preventing it from spreading and escalating. This in itself will make it safer and easier for you to escape from the premises, but our equipment can also serve to provide an efficient and reliable means of escape – particularly if you’re based in a high-rise building.

Our range of fire safety equipment includes the following:

Fire Containment Systems

The majority of fires start off small before escalating, over time, into something far more serious. Fire containment systems are designed to ensure that the fire stays in one place, allowing the emergency services to intervene before it’s had time to spread and escalate.

Fire Curtains

We specialise in designing and installing fire curtain systems, with a flexible range of solutions to suit every conceivable situation. Whether you want to secure your family home, a high-rise office block, or even a temporary construction site, we’re here to help.

Fire Insulation

Fixed fire curtains provide permanent fire compartmentalisation for lofts and garages in domestic properties, and for warehouses, factories, and other high-risk industrial premises.

For more information about any of our fire safety equipment, give us a call on +44 (0)330 0539660. Alternatively, click here to request a quote.