Fire containment systems are designed to isolate affected areas, preventing the spread of smoke and heat and ensuring that small fires are not allowed to escalate into full-scale blazes.

Fire containment systems can reduce the long-term damage to buildings in more ways than one. Even if the fire is relatively small and contained, the spread of smoke can cause some serious problems in the long-term, even to remote and otherwise unaffected parts of a building.

When smoke cools, it drops, which can cause a building to become smoke logged. But when the fire and the smoke is contained, it’s not allowed to cool, so it remains relatively buoyant. This can boost the efficiency of smoke extractors and other ventilation systems.

There are numerous fire containment systems in our range, including:

FireSafe PlusThe FireSafe Plus system provides the highest possible levels of fire and smoke protection, and is designed to protect areas up to 30 metres wide. FireSafe Plus provides 120 minutes of integrity and insulation, which is more than double the industry standard. Click here to learn more.

SmokeSafeA smoke curtain with no side guides, this is the most discreet curtain in our range, and is designed to isolate smoke to improve the effectiveness of smoke extractors and reduce the risks of buildings becoming smoke logged. Click here to learn more.

Corner UnitsA smart and aesthetically pleasing solution for areas with irregular or complex layouts, our corner units can be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling to ensure a smooth, flush finish. In this way, you can protect key areas while keeping spaces open plan. Click here to learn more.

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