At Fire Curtains Ltd, we specialise in designing and implementing fire protection systems for any building of any size – whether they’re domestic, commercial, or industrial.

Fire curtains are a secure, unobtrusive, and cost-effective alternative to dire doors, fire shutters, and sprinkler systems. In the event of a fire, fire curtains contain the affected area, preventing the spread of smoke and heat. In this way, relatively small outbreaks are not allowed to escalate into full-scale disasters, and all the building’s occupants are able to evacuate swiftly, safely, and efficiently.

From fail-safe permanent systems for the home, to temporary solutions for construction sites, we have fire curtains to suit every building and every budget.

Fire Curtains in Our Range

FireSafe PlusUnobtrusive, lightweight, and easy to install, the FireSafe Plus provides the highest possible level of fire and smoke protection. Through providing minimal heat transfer to the non-fire side, it allows a safe passage of escape. Click here to learn more.

FireSafe 240 Ideal for any building that experiences high levels of footfall that would take longer to evacuate. FireSafe 240 provides extended fire protection for expanses of up to 30 metres. Click here to learn more.

Fixed CurtainsLargely used in factories, warehouses, lofts, and garages, fixed fire curtains completely seal off areas, providing permanent static fire protection. They are easy to install, and can be adapted to suit irregular layouts, and to protect around pipes and wires. Click here to learn more.

Corner UnitsA smart and aesthetically pleasing solution for areas with irregular or complex layouts, corner units can be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling to ensure a smooth, flush finish. Click here to learn more.

Solar Powered Fire CurtainsThis environmentally friendly solution requires no mains power, and is therefore ideal for open-plan areas and locations that experience intermittent power, such as construction sites. Click here to learn more.

For more information about our fire curtains, give us a call on +44 (0)330 0539660. Alternatively, click here to request a quote.