Most of the fire curtains in our range are designed to be used only as and when they’re required. In the event of a fire, they descend automatically, containing the affected are and preventing the spread of smoke and heat. In this way, small fires are not allowed to escalate, and the building’s occupants are able to evacuate the premises in a calm, controlled, and efficient manner.

Fire insulation, though, is best thought of as permanent fire curtains. Rather than descending automatically in the event of a fire, they’re used to permanently compartmentalise high-risk areas such as lofts, garages, factories, showrooms, and warehouses.

Our fixed curtains are easy to install and provide a perfect solution for irregular floor and roof layouts. Our fixed curtains can be easily fitted to protect around wires and pipes, which will minimise the chances of long-term damage to your assets, reducing the amount of time and resources required to recover from fires. They can also be used to protect the key load-bearing areas of your premises, ensuring that, even in the event of a serious fire, your building will retain its structural integrity.

At Fire Curtains Ltd, we can tailor a failsafe fire insulation service for any building, whether it’s a domestic, commercial, or industrial property. Our advanced protection and safety systems are secure, cost-effective, and unobtrusive alternatives to fire doors, fire shutters, and sprinkler systems.

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