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Why Fire Curtains?

Fire regulations and standards require that your home provides its occupants with a safe means of escape in the event of a fire. Fire curtains are a flexible way to protect escape routes and stop the spread of smoke and fire.

Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd provide an aesthetic and modern look, an ideal solution for open plan areas as well as traditional builds. Smoke and Fire curtain systems are a cost effective and modern solution compared to sprinkler systems. Curtains can be linked to your building BMS system or to local smoke and heat detectors. Smoke and fire curtain headboxes are smaller in design compared to shutters ensuring discretion in your aesthetic design.

Smoke and fire curtains are an architects first option when it comes to designing the modern day open plan spaces, with its slimmer headbox design and guide options and which can be integrated and hidden within ceiling voids and walls.


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Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd have over 15 years’ experience manufacturing, designing and installing curtains in domestic buildings.

All our products are compliant with BS and EN fire safety regulations. Our expert teams can help with standards and compliance for your application and building type. Our product range offers a variety of solutions to your unique fire safety needs.

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