• No supporting middle posts required
  • Solution to irregular floor layouts
  • Perfect for protecting stairs in domestic properties
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Less wiring and control panels than having separate fire curtains

More details

The corner Fire Curtains is the cheapest, most aesthetically pleasing option to protect a right-angled corner from fire and smoke without a post. Corner Units ensure you do not have to accept a post stuck in the middle of your room as supplied by all our competitors!

Automatic Fire Curtains are now no longer constrained to straight runs between side guides mounted onto the walls. The Corner Unit is now able to be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling, ensuring a smooth, flush finish.

In addition to providing the standard fire and smoke protection, the Corner Units  innovative design allow protection around complex shapes, such as stairwells, whilst keeping the space open-plan.

The Corner Unit is the perfect solution for both commercial and domestic properties and not offered by our main competitors.

Optional Extras

Override Switches

The Override Switch rolls the curtain back up, allowing people to escape. Once the switch has been released the curtain…

Audio Visual Alarms

Flashing lights and sirens are connected to the control panel and provide a warning when the curtain is about to…