• E - Integrity, 60 minutes
  • W - Irradiance, 60 minutes
  • IZ - Insulating Zone, 45 minutes
  • EI₁ - Thermal Insulation, 45 minutes
  • EI₂ - Thermal Insulation, 60 minutes

More details

The FireSafe Plus 2 provides exceptional levels of Fire Resistance without the requirement for sprinklers or additional protection measures whilst maintaining an architectural aesthetic and a comparably low profile.

The automatic system has been designed to ensure it provides both fire integrity and thermal insulation.

The curtain head box is manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel, the enclosure is rated at the same temperature as the curtain fabric.

Standard head box sizes are 500mm x 200mm. A suitably weighted bottom bar is provided to prevent deflection and ensure correct operation under gravity.

The unique design incorporates two side by side systems. This creates a thermal insulation in-between the two layers of fabric traps the heat in-between both elements to reduce the thermal heat and irradiance of heat transference on the non-fire safe side.

This provides an insulation barrier so that occupants can pass by safety, on protective ‘main routes’ of escape.

The complete product ‘the FireSafe Plus 2’ was tested to (BS) EN1634-1: 2014 and classified under EN13501-2:2007+A1:2009. The capability of the product is covered by the European Standard EN 16034, is to provide ‘integrity’ (E), ‘integrity and insulation’ (EI1, EI2) or ‘integrity and radiation’ (EW) for a certain period of time in the event of fire is tested and the results are classified according to EN 13501-2. Please see performance results below:

Integrity performance (E): Integrity the ability to withstand fire on one side only without transmission of fire to the unexposed side.

  • E60 achieved a fire resistance of 60 minutes exposed to over 1000°C.

Irradiance of heat (W) performance: Radiation reduces the transmission of fire at radiated heat either through the fire curtain element, or from its exposed surface to adjacent materials.

  • 5Kw/m²  @ 60 minutes
  • 10Kw/m² @ 60 minutes
  • 15Kw/m² @ 60 minutes

Insulating zone measured 50mm from the face of the element indegrees and not to exceed 180°C. Results shown in minutes and temperature performance below:

  • At 35 minutes of testing data showed a recorded temperature of 18°C
  • At 40 minutes of testing data showed a recorded temperature of 20°C
  • At 60 minutes of testing data showed a recorded temperature of  24°C

Thermal Insulation Performance below: the mean temperature rise of the unexposed surface.

  • I1 Thermal Insulation – The mean temperature rise on the unexposed face of the door shall be limited to 140° C above the initial mean temperature, with the maximum rise at any point of the door leaf limited to 180° C
  • I2 Thermal Insulation – The temperature rise at any point on the frame shall be limited to 360° C measured at 100mm from the visible edge.

Performance results:

  • EI₁  45 minutes I (1) Thermal Insulation
  • EI₂  60 minutes I (2) Thermal Insulation

Classifications as detailed within EN 13501 – 2:2007 + A1: 2009 is therefore detailed as E60 EW60 and the following classification combinations can be used.

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