• Protect areas up to 30 metres wide
  • Provides minimal heat transfer to the non-fire side allowing safe passage of escape.
  • Unobtrusive, lightweight and easy to install
  • Alternative to a fire door, fire shutter or sprinkler system
  • Option to be fully recessed into the walls and ceiling
  • Excellent for both commercial and domestic properties

More details

Fully compliant PAS 121:2007 curtains providing 120 minutes of fire integrity and insulation – more than twice as long as our competitors.

These retractable fire curtains meet the high standards of the PAS 121 specification and so can be used as an alternative to partitions and doors. They are smoke and fire resistant to British Standards and provide 120 minutes of fire integrity and insulation. The insulation zone protection has an intumescent coating that creates a low temperature zone on the safe side of the curtain, allowing people far more time to escape a fire in safety.

The Smoke and Fire PAS 121 curtain is a complete system, giving you peace of mind knowing that your family and home is fully protected.

We are able to provide PAS 121 curtains at a far lower cost than our competitors and they come complete with no hidden extra’s to pay for; it is a complete life safety system.

Optional Extras

Override Switches

The Override Switch rolls the curtain back up, allowing people to escape. Once the switch has been released the curtain…

Audio Visual Alarms

Flashing lights and sirens are connected to the control panel and provide a warning when the curtain is about to…

Beam Sensor

A beam sensor by itself can be used as either a block sensor or an override; when the fire alarm…

Smoke Seals

Placed within the steel side guides and top box the smoke seals provide total smoke containment as the fire curtain…

Delayed Drop Systems

This means the curtain can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment.